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  • Leyland Festival 22nd September 2012

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    Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust vehicles 1036 and 1686 attended the Leyland festival on 22nd of Spetember along with Ribble Leopard 665. Crowds lined the streets whilst the procession drove along closed roads.

  • Trans Lancs Sunday 2nd September 2012

    24 photos

    Ribble Leopard 665 attended the Trans Lancs Rally with Ribble Vehilce Preservation Trust vehicles 831, 2101 and 338. A lot of interest was shown in both the 'Little Leopard' and the Isle of Man.

  • Ribble Leopard 665 at Leyland July 2012

    42 photos

    Before Leopard 665 was able to attend the Leyland gathering some remedial work had to be undertaken. The radiator was swapped for that removed earlier in the year. With a different radiator shroud installed the 'Little Leopard' was soon back in action. After a successful road test to Lytham 665 was able to make the trip to Leyland without a problem.

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  • October 2011 Malta bus EBY565 arrives on the Isle of Man.

    18 photos

    The last stage of Ex Malta bus EBY 565's journey from Malta to the Isle of Man. The bus was delivered to Skelmersdale where it was checked over before being driven to Heysham and onward to its new home.

  • Last day of Historic Malta Buses!

    56 photos

    Saturday 2nd July 2011 was the last working day for Malta's historic fleet of buses. Pictured is just a glimpse of the final day of service!

  • Ribble Leopard 665 Return to Morecambe

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    Saturday 28th May 2011. Ribble Leopard 665 return to Morecambe for the first time since 1979!

    The little Leopard attended the Stagecoah open day on Saturday before taking part in the Ribble running day on Morecambe Promenade on the Sunday. Monday afternoon saw 665 return to the Island on the Isle of Man Steam Packets, Ben My Chree.

  • Ribble Leopard Restoration

    15 photos

    Ribble Leopard 665 was rescued from a farm in the north of the Island in 1998. Following a complete rebuild 665 was re-tested and taxed in April 2011.